Brown Patch In My Beautiful Fescue Lawn

Brown Patch In My Beautiful Fescue Lawn

Are you noticing that now we are getting into summer your Fescue lawn is starting to change colors?

Almost all Fescue lawns that grow in the southeast experience “Brown patch” which is a fungus that attacks turf when night time temperatures are sustained above 65 degrees and humidity is high. The good news about this disease is that it is just a fungus and there is an easy proactive approach that can be taken to prevent this fungus from attacking your yard.

  1. Do not over water your lawn. Stay in touch with what the weather is doing. So many homeowners do not adjust their irrigation run times after a storm. There are many new irrigation “smart” controllers that will monitor this for you.
  2. Apply a simple fungicide every 15 days through the warm summer months. As a company we use Heritage which can be purchased online. A home owner can use a product just as effective by talking to your representative at Home Depot.

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