How to spot dangerous trees

How to spot dangerous trees

During the spring, many people want to know which trees are most susceptible to falling in their yards. Although any tree can fall with a powerful enough storm burst, here are a couple of things to look out for in your yard.

Mushrooms around the base of the tree. Anytime you see mushrooms around the base of a tree (specifically an oak tree) it is a good idea to reach out to a professional company like Verified Outdoor Services to assess the tree. Many times the mushrooms around the base means that there is an underlying rotting problem which will cause the tree to be more likely to uproot in a severe storm.

Cankers in Pine trees. Pine trees typically snap at a weak point called a canker. A quick visual inspection from your home can spot these issues. Once a canker has compromised 20% of the trunk, we suggest removing the tree.

Greater than a 25% lean. This one seems simple, but it is neglected all of the time. Any time a tree’s weight leans too far out in one direction, the added weight of wind and water can be all that is needed for the tree to fall. Sometimes selective pruning can help eliminate that weight and save the tree.

Please visit to request a free tree assessment in your yard before the next spring storm.

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