Rosette disease eliminating roses in Georgia

Rosette disease eliminating roses in Georgia

Rose bushes across the southeastern United States are contracting a disease called Rosette. The disease is transmitted by mites that can travel in the wind or by the gardener in your yard moving from one location to another. What can we do to prevent Rosette from getting on one of our favorite ornamental shrubs in our yard?

1. Make sure that whoever does your landscape services is aware of the disease and cleans their equipment after working with Rosette on other properties. Hand tools used by landscapers can simply be sanitized with antibacterial soap or sprayed with Lysol.

2. If you spot Rosette on one of your ornamental rose bushes in your garden, immediately remove the shrub and dispose of the plant off of the property.

3. Hard cut back all of your roses every winter. Reducing your roses by 70% in the winter months will get rid of any mites that have found their way to your favorite shrubs.

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