The Importance of Tree Care Around Your Home

The Importance of Tree Care Around Your Home

Nothing makes a home more beautiful than the trees that surround it. But sometimes, problems crop up to threaten the very trees you love. They may grow too tall, threatening surrounding trees or electric wires in the vicinity; they may be prone to disease or succumb to the elements; they may even grow too close to the home you live in. Although it doesn’t happen often, trees might have to be removed entirely; at the very least, they are in need of periodic trimming to keep them as beautiful as always.

Trees are our business at Verified Outdoor Services. We have a knowledgeable staff trained in every aspect of tree trimming and tree removal. Our expertise makes all the difference for homeowners who must make decisions about what, if anything, needs to be done with trees on their property. Our experienced crews are ready to tend to your trees and address any troubles to help create a safe, beautiful landscape that you can enjoy all season. We’ll assess your trees in need of pruning, disease, insects, and nutrient deficiencies.

There are many reasons why trees need to be removed:
  • The tree is considered dead
    Decay from insects or disease has caused structural damage.
  • Overcrowding existing trees.
  • The tree is too close in proximity to surrounding structures or wires.
  • Storm damage
  • Liability issues
  • Construction renovation


Bringing the proper equipment to the job is crucial to minimizing any damage to existing structures and the surrounding environment. This requires safety and careful planning. At Verified Outdoor Services, our experienced professionals can cover both small and large- scale takedowns, in addition to tree trimming and treating ones in distress to restore them to good health. For more information on our services, give us a call today.

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